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Hotel Management

3rd Party Management

Skyward has extensive experience in managing hotels for others.  The principals have owned companies that have managed over 500 hotels.  With our extensive and solid relationships with Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Starwood, IHG and others we can help ownership find the perfect brand.  Since we are also owners it is easy for Skyward to align our goals with the owners of the properties managed. 

Skyward Management

We manage our own portfolio of hotels and have won awards on both the development and management side of the business.  Our office has the infrastructure to handle dozens of properties giving our company flexibilty to both develop on our own and partner with other owners. 


The infrastructure is already set up at Skyward to handle management of properties quickly and efficiently.  We work with financial partners to manage properties they might need assistance with.  The flexibility and efficiency of Skyward creates a value add for any financial institution needing professional management. 

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